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Core Competence

A customer's success is the best measure of our own
Knitting for Success

Comprehensive product lineup
Flying Tiger offers a full range of diverse flat knitting equipment, so the broadest spectrum of customers can each choose the solution that gets them on the fast track to success.
Professional plant planning
Flying Tiger takes advantage of its broad range of capabilities and first-hand knitting manufacturing experience to aid customers in establishing a successful manufacturing operation.

Stringent quality control and production process
Flying Tiger strong quality control and state-of-the art production process ensure customers to rely on FLYING TIGER brand's products to achieve success.
Sustained support services
Flying Tiger dedication to providing service over the entire lifetime of its products appeals to every company's desire for a supplier who is also a long term partner for success.

Solutions to meet a wide spectrum of needs
Comprehensive Product Lineup
With its FLYING TIGER brand products around the globe. FLYING TIGER brand knitting machines provides a diverse and comprehensive array of choices for our customers who demand strong features, performance and value in knitting technology.

From entry level to high-end
Flying Tiger is dedicated to meeting the needs of a broad range of roduction environment. Whether a manually run knitting machine project, or cutting-edge equipment with computerized controlled facilities, an affordable FLYING TIGER's solution is ready to help building successful manufacturing operations.
Ever striving for a higher standard
Flying Tiger products not only offer excellent quality, but also committed absolutely to continual improvement, actively seeking input from our customers. Our close working relationship with customers helps us not only respond to particular feedback, but to continually upgrade our ability to deliver even better products.


Intelligent integrated project solution
Professional Plant Planning
Flying Tiger plant planning service ensures the achievement of optimized knitting project.

Great source for solutions
By integrating our products, service and know-how, Flying Tiger offers the knitting industry a true total solution with its professional plant planning services. Our ultimate objective is to provide the most well thought-out, tightly integrated, and optimally customized of service package to achieve customer's final prosper.
Tuned up for customers' needs
Flying Tiger inherits FLYING TIGER's leadership in knitting experience and profession in the knitting industry, along with its close relationships with key suppliers, industry associations, and knitting research institutions, to ensure that it can provide in-depth, up-to-date expertise through its plant construction consulting, and expert process design. All are tailored to get our customers' plants on the fast track to success.


Made to manufacture
Stringent Quality Control and Production Process
Superb quality, flexible production and capacity, makes Flying Tiger a world-class manufacturing entity.

Quality comes first
The combination of a stringent quality assurance system and a sophisticated production process ensures that customers can depend on Flying Tiger for timely delivery of equipment that performs reliably and to conformity.
Excellent materials and process
Flying Tiger makes exclusive use of the highest quality imported steel. To ensure precision performance, key components such as needle beds are produced In-house. And all components and accessories for FLYING TIGER knitting machines are manufactured to exacting standards with a fully automated production process based on computerized numeric control (CNC).
Optimal capacity
full lines of professional automated manufacturing process is well established to ensure the optimal capacity to cater for the escalating demand boom in worldwide market.


We serve your success
Sustained Support Services
Flying Tiger aim in its services is not merely to answer technical needs, but truly support our customer enduring success during its product life.

Not just sufficient, but satisfying
Flying Tiger’s approach emphasizes a commitment to highly interactive, customer-centric service throughout the product life cycle. This dedication to service is designed expressly to maximize customer satisfaction, beginning with pre-sales discussion and continuing to after sales and technical support.
Global reach and local touch
In addition, Flying Tiger maintains a worldwide network of sales offices and service offices and service centers to serve customers in key knitting manufacturing areas. Comprehensive local distribution channels ensure immediate availability, flexible configuration and timely delivery as well as responsiveness to customer requirements, and efficient provision of service.